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Oil prices stimulate exploration and oil drilling equipment industry exports surge

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The implementation of a series of industrial policies, the positive response of the majority of water companies on China's water industry to adjust the industrial structure, the implementation of macro-control, the promotion of new waterproof materials, fight against counterfeit goods, waterproof specification market and promoting technological progress, and guide the healthy It played a powerful role in promoting development.
Technology and equipment level (1) a general increase in the industry. With an annual output capacity of 5 million square meters of modified bitumen membrane production lines have been increased and better performance EPDM waterproofing membrane extension autoclave has been put into operation.
(2) promote the use of products significant growth, significantly improved production technology, product mix improved significantly. SBS / APP modified bitumen membrane, waterproofing, waterproof high-grade paint were sustained growth, substantial growth in high-end building sealants.
(3) the implementation of restrictions on the use of products and technology policy breakthrough. Polyethylene fiber waterproofing membrane production specification and application, the timely development and promotion of green waterproof materials, and other notable paid off.
(4) policy prohibiting the use of products and technologies have been implemented in different areas and degrees. Annual production capacity of 100 million rolls-out oil fetal asphalt felt paper production line, the provisions of tar based waterproof coatings and sealing materials, etc. have been well implemented, secondary molding polyethylene fiber membrane has been basically out of the market.
(5) new products, new technology research and development and the introduction of a wide range of outcomes achieved. Waterproofing adhesive, developed adhesive tape, fiberglass asphalt shingles, develop self-adhesive waterproofing membrane production and application technology, metal coil, metal coil fetal development results for the project to provide more water s Choice.











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