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Dangerous Chemical hazards

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Hazardous chemicals leak a serious threat to people's lives and safety, causing huge economic losses and damage to the ecological environment, but also affect social stability.
(1) hazardous chemicals leak would endanger the safety of the people. When the leak hazardous chemicals, toxic substances into the human body, which can be important substances such as enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids and so on within cells, thereby altering the content and structure of intracellular components, disruption of normal cell metabolism, causing the body dysfunction, causing poisoning. Moreover, since the status of various harmful toxic substances are different, different ways of poisoning. The air may be contaminated respiratory inhalation and skin absorption poisoning; poison droplet can penetrate through the skin poisoning, such as sarin droplets fall on skin that is very easy to penetrate into the skin; eating, drinking or food poisoning, water, poisoning can be absorbed by the digestive tract. Furthermore, due to the different physical and chemical characteristics of various toxic substances, it can produce different symptoms, cause different damage effects. Such as sarin, benzene, organophosphorus about farming, chlorinated hydrocarbons and other neurological poison, through the respiratory tract, skin, nervous system poison; chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, phosgene, hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid esters, nitrogen oxides, isocyanate and other types of poison, through the respiratory tract (esters may also poison absorbed through the skin) and cause respiratory poisoning; can cause blood poisoning after carbon monoxide, aniline, nitrobenzene, hydrogen cyanide inhalation human body (ie, systemic poisoning). December 23, 2004, Gaoqiao Town of Kaixian catastrophic gas blowout accident, since the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas in the spray poisonous gas escape is too high, resulting in the death of 243 people were poisoned, 2142 people were hospitalized poisoning. There are many hazardous chemicals after the leak, the case of a source of ignition an explosion, fire, can also cause a lot of casualties. As March 5, 1998, after the management of Xi'an LPG liquefied petroleum gas leak, in case of an explosion caused by a spark, burn, resulting in seven live fire officers and five management staff liquefied sacrifice, more than 10 fire officers and soldiers maimed.
(2) leakage of hazardous chemicals can cause serious economic losses. According to the information, from 1953 to 1992 40 years, the world actually occurs once lost more than one hundred million US dollars of hazardous chemicals leak hazardous chemicals do thousands of cases.
(3) leakage of hazardous chemicals will damage the ecological environment. The 1991 Gulf War led to the countries concerned wells, storage facilities and the destruction of chemical companies, a large number of serious pollution leaking oil near the sea and shore-based facilities, resulting in the death of large numbers of seabirds and fish, oil wells, oil and oil refining facilities smoke after fire enveloped the large cities and over the countryside, pollution clouds drift moved southern Europe, and even the Himalayas is also under a rain of black oil-water mixture, vast areas of the ecological environment caused great damage.











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