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The latest oil chemical safety protection, storage, oil chemical spill contingency plan

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Oil chemical safety protection, storage, oil chemical spill contingency plan
Oil chemical safety protection is generally divided into several steps (oil spill response clean-up chemical, oil storage chemical safety, chemical safety of oil transport)
First, clean up the oil spill contingency chemicals
For oil leakage of chemicals we can choose two kinds of contingency plans
1, also known as oil-absorbing cotton absorbing cotton, cotton industry adsorption, sometimes people simply call it as absorbing cotton. The absorbent material properties are divided into: oil, cotton, chemical liquid-absorbent cotton (also known as chemical adsorption cotton, the absorbent cotton) and general purpose absorption cotton.
Absorbents can control and adsorption of petroleum hydrocarbons, various types of acid (including hydrofluoric acid), basic dangerous chemicals, non-corrosive liquids and large-scale offshore oil spills and the like. Cotton is the adsorption of oil spills and chemical spills spill, the spill disposal the most commonly used items.
Universal protective type oil-absorbing cotton three categories; chemical oil-absorbing cotton; oil, cotton oil: oil-absorbing cotton products functional classification
Absorbents After dehydration and de-oiled, only oil, non-absorbent, professional suitable for absorbing petroleum hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons (such as oil, gasoline, oil, paint, etc.). When these products are used in the water because they do not absorb water, after adsorption saturation, then floating in the water. It can absorb 10 to 20 times its own weight of oil. Usually white. Available for processing machinery oil, drain oil, oil storage terminals and river oil, etc., to keep the working environment clean to prevent explosion caused by volatile oil and gas has a positive act.
Chemical liquid absorbent cotton in the addition of a surfactant and then carry out dehydration, oil treatment, anti-acid and alkali can be applied to adsorption acid, and other corrosive chemical liquid, oil chemistry, applications such as acid, caustic Spill and other hazardous liquids. Usually yellow. All chemical spills ships with a pipette cotton, especially acidic and corrosive hazardous chemicals including 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide, but more liquid-absorbent cotton chemicals. After contact with the chemical irritant or corrosive liquids, polypropylene material decomposition does not occur, yellow is the color of warning, to prevent misuse and misappropriation. The absorbent cotton can also absorb petroleum liquids and aqueous solutions.
Universal adsorption cotton after dehydration and oil removal and addition of a surfactant, another on the basis of adding other fibers, the suction can be either water, can be applied to machinery maintenance, vehicle maintenance and water treatment plant floor . Suitable for oil, water, coolants, solvents, pigments, dyes, and other unknown liquid. Universal adsorption cotton normally gray.
Oil-absorbing cotton products are usually in the form of oil-absorbing mats (oil-absorbing sheet), oil bars, oil volume, oil pillow, oil fence.
The first category is the suction pad, leak when a relatively small area, we will use this oil-absorbing cotton to absorb oil, as long as it directly on the surface oil on it;
The second category is the suction strip, when a relatively large area of the leak and the oil quite a lot of time, we can use this type of oil, cotton will get the minimum range, and finally to finish cleaning all spills purpose;
The third category is the suction roll, when the leak occurred inside the building, we can put these products on the floor to clean up the oil spill;
The fourth category is the oil pillow, such products which can be used alone or may be combined with the use of suction bar;
The fifth category is sucking the fence, when we need to be delineated spill, we can use this oil-absorbing cotton.
2 leakage contingency package also called anti-chemical warfare suits, oil-absorbing suit, spill-proof assembly, oil spill clean suit
Suitable for clean-up, containment, prevent any oil and chemical spills in the region that may arise, including the production of manufacturing, transport, petrochemicals, maritime emergency, ports, fire protection, hydropower, energy and electricity industry, the Environmental Protection Agency, chemical plants, oil fields, oil base needs to be cleared of any leakage of the liquid properties.
Particularly suitable for marine oil spill emergency relief, port, shipping, shipbuilding, environmental clean-up companies, laboratories, schools, water and electricity sectors, municipal water treatment plants, public transport, auto repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, the Environmental Protection Agency, etc.
ACCIDENTAL package contains varying amounts of accessories (except Economy): Ensorb efficient adsorbent several; strip, sheet adsorption cotton by a certain percentage composition, into said sucking special (oil and liquid hydrocarbons), Universal ( oil, water and general chemical substances) and chemical aspiration type (chemicals, corrosive liquids and hazardous chemicals); several clean paper; chemical gloves several deputy; anti-chemical warfare garbage bags and belay several; a plurality of protective glasses ; "dangerous chemicals emergency rescue Guide" one; MSDS and the like.
Due to unexpected chemical spills of oil, you can press the following basic guidelines as follows:
a, first of all, quickly removed supporting chemical gloves and protective glasses from a combination of suits, wear;
b, leakage of the liquid in the periphery, tossed Ensorb super absorbent, with a plastic spatula or other tools, stirring until thick liquid becoming solid;
c, while quickly remove adsorbed Article sequentially connected to oil spills or chemicals around the block to live, to prevent the further spread of wide-area environmental pollution;
d, remove adsorbed piece of cotton, placed on oil or chemical liquid surface enclosed, super suction force to rely on adsorption on a piece of cotton oil or chemicals rapid absorption;
e, remove the wipes, cotton sheet adsorption, absorption adsorption Article crude oil processing residues for final processing completely absorbed;
f, finally, remove the anti-chemical garbage bags, all cotton sheets used adsorption, absorption strips, viscous liquids or solids and other impurities, chemical warfare together to clean up the garbage bag, tied the bag, into the leakage contingency barrel transporter walking by professional waste disposal companies to handle. ACCIDENTAL bucket can be cleaned after processing, re-use.
Second, the chemical safety of oil storage
The latest leak-proof tray Sheng drain platform is equivalent to oil chemicals made a secondary protection, it is generally called a secondary container. Once the oil chemical leak, dumping time. High-performance Sheng drain tray will catch leaking oil chemicals, thereby saving the unnecessary waste also address security issues
We choose Sheng drain tray / Sheng drain platform aspects need to be considered:
1, the storage properties of chemicals, oil or corrosive chemicals, corrosive strength, temperature of the chemical liquid containers loaded;
2, Sheng drain tray / Sheng drain platform material is suitable for storage of liquid leakage;
3, the number of storage containers (eg 55 gallons drums), the total weight and volume;
4, Sheng drain tray / Sheng drain platform load capacity and volume;
5, storage containers need to move often, Sheng drain tray / Can Sheng drain platform available forklift operator











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