Our advantage
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    The company focuses on chemical safety

    The company specializes in oil safe storage of chemicals, oil and chemical spill response clean-up, research and development of anti-leak hazardous chemicals, laboratory storage and security product development, production and sales. Customers can make a safe and efficient oil chemicals leak-proof and spill response clean-up solutions.

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    The company product range

    Our products are: anti-leakage tray, oil, cotton, oil spill clean-up components, laboratory chemicals pallets, industrial safety cabinets, industrial garbage bags, fixed cylinder and handling equipment.

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    Company wide range of services

    Product quality and after-sales service has been recognized by China, Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other foreign customers. In the company's strong sales network and improve after-sales service assistance, JESERY (Jie Surui) products have been sold worldwide.

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Anhui Jie Surui Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

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